In Pictures: Field Notes Haxley

Available from Field Notes, $12.95.

In Pictures: Tombow Hello Nature Pencils

Available from Amazon. $9.50 for a dozen.

In Pictures: Moo x Timothy Goodman Notebook

Available from Moo, $21.99.

This notebook is a special edition version of the Moo Hardcover Journal, which I reviewed earlier this year here.

In Pictures: Tombow Mono Zero Stick Eraser

Available from Amazon, $5.99.

In Pictures: Bellroy + Field Notes Everyday Inspiration Cover

In Pictures: Lamy 2000

In Pictures: Erasers

In Pictures: My Paper Brains Pocket Notebooks

Available from My Paper Brains, $10 for 3-pack.

In Pictures: Midori MD Pencil

Available from CW Pencils, $11 for 6.

In Pictures: Col-o-Ring Ink Testing Book

Available from the Well-Appointed Desk Shop, 100 sheets for $10.