Link Fast - Burt's Typographer Edition

Patented on July 23, 1829, the typographer, was invented and made by William Austin Burt. It was a mechanical device that was worked by hand to make the letter print on paper. The working model provided by Burt for his 1829 patent was destroyed in the 1836 Patent Office fire. This was the precursor to the typewriter. Read more about it here.


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Link Fast - Nat'l Ice Cream Day Edition

Link Fast - Color TV Day Edition

Link Fast - Father's Day Edition

Link Fast is back. I took a small break to figure out a new solution for gathering these links. I was always still interested in sharing these posts from the awesome members of the stationery community, but putting it together became a drag week-after-week, particularly when I would forget to note something for linking at the time I read it, and would have to go back and try to find it and find where I read it in the first place.

I now have a Workflow in place on my phone and it is as easy as reading an article and if I like it, pressing a button, taking a lot of the stupid grunt work out of this important feature of the site. Because this is less tedious, I will definitely be starting up the Link Fast posts on a weekly basis again!


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