TBT: Empire Pencil & Pedigree Sharpener

TBT: Empire Pencil & Pedigree Sharpener

When I was in grade school, in the 80's, anyone who was anyone had this Pedigree pencil sharpener. This little plastic sharpener held a ton of shavings...of course, you had to pack them down to see just how long you could go without emptying it. At some point, it would open up in your backpack and it would look like a pencil factory exploded in there. Or one of the little notches that held onto the hinge section would break and the whole thing would be worthless.

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TBT: Vintage Eagle Mikado Ad

I love old ads and old graphic design. This one is fun, though maybe a little earlier than the advertising era I'm most fond of.

Throwback Thursday posts are a new feature here on Lead Fast. Whether it's an old ad, like this one, a vintage pencil review, a video, etc...I'll be looking into the history of the stationery industry in a fun way.