Palomino Blackwing Point Guard Review

The folks at Palomino have decided to create a point guard to add to all their other Blackwing branded pencil accessories. And while I didn’t need a long point sharpener because I already had the KUM that they rebranded, and I have no need for a pencil roll, I did NOT have a point guard. I never had a need for one, but this was free to subscribers, minus shipping, so I thought why not?

Standing at attention.

This is the coolest part.

There’s a blog post over on the Blackwing 602 blog about their struggles with making this product. Long story short, metal tolerances are hard to work with when you’re trying to get it to slip over a pencil and stay put without any other mechanism (like an o-ring) to keep it on.

There’s not much to say about this except it is very hard to get on the pencil. It won’t work with every pencil, but it will work with some non-Blackwing pencils. They recommend not trying to shove the pencil all the way to the deepest part of the point guard, but instead to only slip it over the first 1/4 inch where the lacquer starts.

This is the only lacquer problem I could find, and I could only see it with my macro lens...couldn't be seen by the naked eye.

I didn’t have any major lacquer destruction issues like I have seen reported around the web. It was a tight fit, for sure. I once even had to really yank to get the point guard off, but it still didn’t damage my lacquer. And I looked hard for it, trying to recreate what others had done. I got my macro lens out and still didn’t see anything. I won’t say this won’t happen to you, you could very well get one that one fit, due to the ± 0.05 mm tolerance they’re working with.

One thing I will say is that, unless you’re a Palomino Blackwing collector, you don’t need this. There are many many better, cheaper options out there, ones that will fit every standard size pencil. Ones that you can move from a Blackwing to a Musgrave to a Tombow to a Nataraj and all points in between. That said, I had better luck with Hindustan pencils than anything else. Maybe Palomino should sell their remaining stock to Hindustan and they can brand them for Apsara pencils.

The Point Guard comes in 2 colors, Matte Black and Bright Silver, both lightweight machined aluminum. It’s $9.95, which is way too expensive for a point guard. I don’t recommend this unless you are collecting Blackwing branded items.

Available from Blackwing, $9.95