Field Notes 2016 Recap

There was a lot of activity surrounding Field Notes this year, more than I can remember in previous years. They did quite a few collaborations apart from the usual ones. They started a new series of city flag books, and added a whole new size and style to the line. Let’s take a look at what was released this year.

Quarterly Colors editions

Sweet Tooth: Spring release. Colored paper, blank, the same color as the cover. Perforated for tearing out to leave behind notes, use as note cards, etc. 100# cover with 70# paper. Foil stamped. Personally, not a favorite of mine, but we saw a lot of illustrators and sketchers have some fun with this. Tina over at Fueled By Clouds & Coffee did some great work with the Sweet Tooth.

Byline: Summer release. The reporter’s notebook. John Dickerson from Face the Nation enlisted Field Notes to help create this, and after years of getting requests for one, the decided to go ahead with it. Wire-bound at the top, the dark gray cover also protects the wire binding from getting snagged on things, instead of just being an extra sheet on top of paper. 120# cover with 70# text, ruled paper inside that has a slight stone gray tinge to it. They claim pocketability, but that’s if you’re not planning on sitting down. For me, it was great to use as a short form diary/journal, to round out the thoughts of the day. And I hung one up on our kitchen bulletin board for grocery lists…in our house, it’s the perfect size for that task.

Lunacy: Fall release. A black cover die cut to show the moon behind it that’s printed on the flyleaf. Reticle grid, slightly gray paper. Embossed Field Notes logo and embossed moon on the back. Each book’s die cut is different stages of the moon, full, half, crescent. Subscribers also get a book with no die-cut, or the “New Moon”. See my full review.

Black Ice: Winter release. Pur-bound, entire cover foil stamped, except for the spine. Lined paper. 100# Cover with 70# text, the same Finch Paper that graces the America the Beautiful edition. See my full review.


Nixon: An America the Beautiful-esque set of 3 different glossy covers, one blank, one ruled, one graph. The second in as many years from Nixon. I like the look of these things, but the one I used blew up in my pocket fairly quickly.

LL Bean: The first in what seems like will be an on-going series. Kraft-style books that are just different covers. One camo, one hunter green, one kraft with green lettering. I wasn’t super-impressed with these, but if the next ones that have leaked on eBay are any indication, they look like they’ve stepped it up a notch.

Carhartt: My favorite Field Notes release of the year. All lined, Carhartt logo on the cover, different colors for each book, different outdoors theme on each back cover. See my full review.

XOXO: Another year, another XOXO book. These are trippy books designed by Mark Weaver. The XOXO books have been getting crazier and crazier every year, and that’s an awesome thing. But unfortunately, there are rumors this may be the last year…it remains to be seen, but if it is, they went out with a bang.

Tournament of Books: Red cover kraft wth the ToB logo on the front. Sold as singles for $2, and Field Notes matched the $2, and donated it to 826 National. Cool idea, and I’ll be buying more of these when they do it this year.

Special Releases

EEEK: This year, Field Notes co-creator and designer Aaron Draplin released a monograph / mid-career retrospective called Pretty Much Everything. In addition to this, he released the “Everything Else Enhancement Kit” which included, among many things, a special made Field Notes that everyone has since termed the “EEEK” pack. Black canvas-style cover with orange foil stamp, orange paper. Not one of my favorites for actual use, but a great collector piece and a nice piece of design.

Subscriber reprints: Field Notes Colors subscribers got a treat this year in the form of a surprise shipment of a 2-pack that contained one Butcher Orange and one Butcher Blue book, a reprinting of the original first 2 Colors editions, with each subscribers name on the belly band. These are exact reprints other than the edition declaration on the inside cover. They also gave these away for free if you went to FNHQ during announced weekends during the holidays and spent over $20.

Brand’s Hall Pen: A special release, super-expensive pen that was made from wood from reclaimed from a famous Chicago building, created in partnership with Allegory Goods. This is a $160 rollerball pen that, unless you’re a completist, probably doesn’t need to be purchased. Limited to 1500 pens.

New year-round books

Front Line: The standard version of the Byline edition. The differences are a lighter gray for the cover and a more standard white paper. A great addition to the line.

Chicago & Portland: The first two in what I hope is a series of city flag books. These are Kraft editions with city flag designs printed on them. The Chicago books came out first, at the beginning of the year, then the Portland books later in the year. Both are still available and don’t seem to be limited as of yet. Chicago and Portland were picked because of the home cities of Field Notes and Draplin Design Co, respectively. I will be interested to see where this goes in the future.

I may have missed some! What I didn't do is look for all the after-market, re-branded, Kraft books out there, like the High West Distillery. There are just too many of those instances and most people, besides the craziest Nut, don't see these books. Hell, I even made my own in my printer.

I have a wish list for what I'd like to see in 2017 coming soon!

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