Link Fast - Hat Day Edition

January 15th is National Hat Day


Penmanship Pencils: A Review - The Weekly Pencil compares the Mitsubishi Uni and Tombow Mono 4B Penmanship pencils

An Interview With Joey Cafone of Baron Fig - The Believer talks to the Baron Fig co-founder about their Archer pencil.

2016: An Actually OK Year in the Pencil Biz - CW Pencils Year in Review

Ruxton Multi-Vider Redux - the Lead Head does a super deep dive into this amazing mechanical pencil.


BigiDesign Ti Arto Pen Review - The Well Appointed Desk reviews a pen that can take over 200 refill types.

The Gold Standard: Bic Cristal Pen - The Outline makes an argument for this ubiquitous writing device.

China Closer to Ballpoint Success - BBC News says the Chinese are THIIIIIS close to being able to make a decent ballpoint pens.


Moonlite - A Bedtime Story Reader - A Kickstarter that puts a mini View Master on your phone and makes it a projector. I just found this and it's funded, but it's a great idea.

Amazon Deals

Dahle 133 Pencil Sharpener - My personal favorite hand crank pencil sharpener is on sale right now.