All The Dark Greens!

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that has seen my site that I'm in love with dark green. Hunter green, pine green, basil green, moss, pickle...whatever you want to call it, I love it. The color had its day in the 90's and now is kind of looked down on as an older, almost retro look. It's become harder and harder to find cool dark green things, but fortunately for me, it's starting to get a little more dark green in the stationery world.

Books from left to right:
Field Notes Shenandoah "Chestnut Oak"
LL Bean 2016 Green Book
Carhartt 2016 Camping
Write Notepads "In the Pines"
Also pictured: Platinum Plaisir dark green, Write "In the Pines" pencil, Private Reserve "Avocado" fountain pen ink.

All the dark greens! The Carhartt is actually more dark green, but the way the books are stacked, you can only see the light green part.