Link Fast - National Handwriting Day Edition

January 23 is National Handwriting Day

This day in Analog History

1887 - Columbia Phonograph (later Columbia Records) is formed.

On Point Retention - Johnny over at Pencil Revolution suggests a change in the lexicon concerning pencil points.

A Moment in Pencil History: The Tombow Mono 100 - CW Pencils' blog is back in full swing with this one about the Tombow Mono 100

In Defense of the Humble Pilot G2 - Comfortable Shoes Studio

Say Nice Things Notebooks & Journal - The Gentleman Stationer reviews these attractive books from the UK

The Moo Hardcover Notebook - Susan M. Pigott reviews this beauty for the Pen Addict.

An Administration Remembered, Stationery Style - The Well Appointed Desk recaps all the stationery beauty from the last 8 years of the Obama presidency.

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