Private Reserve Avocado Green Ink Review

I am starting to get more and more into fountain pens. So far, I've only bought cheap ones that I have heard good things about, things that somewhat write above their price. Platinum Preppy & Plaisir (which is the Preppy in a metal body), Pilot Metropolitan & Varsity...those types. I also just got a Jinhao 159 that I plan on reviewing in the future. This is all to support my Lamy Al-Star, which is the most expensive piece in the collection at $36. Unless something catches my eye at a higher price, I think I would like to sit in that sub-$30 range for a little while, as I still don't use them as my daily writer. The pencil has and will fill that role for the foreseeable future. So you can think of me as the Cheap Fountain Pen Guy.

That being said, I think ink is where it's at. It just seems to be a rabbit hole that will be fun to go down. Today, I'm talking about the Private Reserve Avocado Green ink. My friend Jason at the Art Coop turned me on to this. I was in there and we were discussing my recent cheap pen purchases, and as he was showing my something of his (something from Kaweco, I think) he wrote in this ink and I was blown away. As I said in a previous post, I'm a sucker for dark green, and had bought a few green inks in the past, searching for one that was perfect, but hadn't found anything I liked. The Lamy green ink has a little too much blue tint for me, and the Monteverde Yosemite has an emerald jewel tone to it. When I saw this one, I loved it immediately. It borders on green/black, but is just a bit less black. It's very saturated in color, so there is no thinning out and very little shading differences. Private Reserve is a small company based in Indiana, and their inks seem to have come and gone on some of the bigger online retailers. Their look leaves a little to be desired and the website needs a drastic redesign, so I can see why people haven't gravitated towards their inks. However, it's what's inside the bottle that counts, and count me in for this Avocado.

Writing test.

The branding leaves a little to be desired.

Swatch. With Platinum Plaisir.

Available from Anderson Pens, $11.

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