Write Notepads Memberships Now Open

The 2017 Write Notepads memberships are now open. If you are a renewing subscriber, they ask that you include your member number (from the hotel keychain extra last year) in the special instructions.

I asked them about members who had signed up in the middle of last year, like I did. I got in before Kindred Spirit, so I really have 1 shipment left, but the wording in the email they sent out to current members wasn't clear, so I emailed and asked if members should still renew now. The response was that if you sign up now, they'll just add 4 more shipments to your account, but you can wait until you're supposed to renew if you'd like.

I personally went ahead and renewed now because I want to make sure I don't forget!

You can sign up at Write Notepads. $99