Link Fast - Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day Edition

How are you celebrating Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day?

Spring Semester Back to School - The Weekly Pencil does a back-to-school at the half.

A Year of Write - Gary Varner gives his thoughts on the first year of Write Notepads subscription series.

Seven Years - Contrapuntalism celebrates.

Plumchester Square Sketchbook Review - Pen Addict

2B Wood Pencil Sampler - Tina of Fueled by Clouds and Coffee reviews the Jet Pens woodcased 2B sample pack for Well Appointed Desk

Johnny's Top 5: Review - Inkpothesis reviews Sir Johnny of Gamber's Top 5 Favorite Pencils from a "newbie" perspective.

In the Pines Review Roundup

Pencil Revolution

Gentleman Stationer

Weekly Pencil

Pen Addict

And just in case you missed mine...