TBT: Write Notepads Kindred Spirit

The Write Notepads Kindred Spirit came out just before I started the blog. It's the edition I started my subscription on. I really loved this edition and promptly went out and bought the Lenore edition from someone on eBay. I knew these were special books and I needed to have them all.

Just the second in the limited edition series, this is the one that I still compare most of their releases to, in my head, anyway. The execution was just absolutely perfect. Lets dig in.

Kindred Spirit was released in the summer of 2016. It came packaged in a bag designed to look like a charcoal briquette bag: it had the tear away top and everything. Each 3 pack came in these bags if you were a subscriber, because you got the "Deluxe Edition", and each bag contained pencils and a little plastic coin. The bags weren't re-sealable, so if you wanted to see what was inside, you had to tear off the top. Maybe a middle finger to the collector set, maybe just following through on a theme. To make matters worse for collectors, there were a limited amount of Butcher Blue books secretly stashed within the 3 packs. If you got a blue book, you got something special from Write, but you had to open to find out. I guess for a collector, the ideal situation would be the first bag you opened had a blue book in it, so you didn't have to open the second bag and could collect it, but also you got the cool rare thing from the company. Alas, I had no blue books, and I'm not even sure what blue book holders ended up getting. I saved my bags, but I couldn't for the life of me find them to take pictures.

The box the books came in was the same Butcher Orange as the covers, with black printing that said Charcoal Bookettes. A cute, kinda funny touch. It said "Enjoy a Mental Picnic: sizzling broiled ideas, steaming hot designs, toasted visual goodness" on the box cover.

The books themselves were simple: all Butcher Orange paper covers with a simple Write flame logo. The paper inside was the same 70# paper stock they use in all their books, 64 pages worth, this time with their ledger ruling in a light orange that faded into the background pretty well after being written on.

The pencils were raw natural wood pencils made to look like matchsticks. Like most of the Write Notepads pencils, these were Musgrave-made, not the best, but they definitely looked great and matched the theme. As "comrade" Johnny likes to say, Chris from Write Notepads is the Musgrave-whisperer...he gets good work out of them, more often than not.

This is still one of my favorite pocket notebook releases ever, hence the Throwback Thursday treatment. On the Write Notepads scale, this beats out my second favorite, In The Pines, handily, but it would've been closer if ITP was lined instead of dot grid.

Very rarely do Write Notepads editions come up on eBay. I don't have alert set or anything, but I don't see them too often. This has a run of 750, so it was quite small. I'd guess most people aren't looking to sell theirs. I'm not either: it's a killer edition and I'm holding onto mine for dear life.

No longer available. Original product page here.