Write Notepads 2017 Recap

Write Notepads puts out consistently great quarterly releases with seemingly little fanfare. This year was no different. They didn't have the barrage of products like Baron Fig or the quality / marketing snafus of Field Notes, so in our little stationery circles there wasn't as much discussion about them. They just kept on making Baltimore and Baltimore-adjacent themed notebooks. That's a good thing.

Spring 2017 - Telegraph
The Telegraph edition celebrated Samuel Morse and his eponymous code. The books were really nice, but graaaaaaay. Full review here.

Summer 2017 - Chesapeake
Chesapeake was all about the bay that is an integral part to the growth of the region. Blue covers with a laid paper stock (think waled like corduroy). Dot ruled, which is dots on one side and lined on the other. Full review here.

Fall 2017 - Fingerprints
This one is the only non-Baltimore edition they did this year. Instead, they did a mid-century modern, Eamesian take on printing their covers. They took circles made from wood dowels, covered them in ink and pressed it into a creamy white paper, then a shock of orangey-red. They even made a nice Paul Rand-style logo for the box and stickers. The only thing I didn't like about the edition is the blank pages. Full review here.

Winter 2017 - Goldfield
The Goldfield is named after the hotel that famed African-American boxer Joe Gans opened in Baltimore after winning the title and a major purse. A love letter to the oft-overlooked Gans, all the stops were pulled out for this one. The box is a sight that needs to be seen. Their best edition yet. Full review here.

Special mention - In The Pines
In The Pines was supposed to be released in the winter of 2016, but due to some delays, they shipped late and it landed in early January 2017. Up until the Goldfield, this was my favorite edition because dark green...and it's still my favorite of the pencils released with the editions.



Paper Journal
They took the style of their pocket notebooks and put it in an A5-ish size. Seems to be the same color as the Telegraph. The perfect binding is a lot easier to deal with at this size. I've gone through two of these since getting them, and I really like them for note taking. Full review here.

Wood+Graphite Pencil
A little steep at $12 for essentially Musgrave pencils, but I like the look of them. They match the Fingerprints edition in terms of style and design time-period. Fitting that the Fingerprints didn't come with pencils. Full review here.

Pencil Pouch
Made by famed bank bag manufacturer A. Rifkin, this is one of the better soft bags out there for pencils. It's in my daily carry. Picture post here.