Story Supply Co X CWPE Pencil Pusher Review


In collaboration with CW Pencil Enterprise, Story Supply Co. released the Pencil Pusher pocket notebooks earlier this year. I've had my set for a while, but just got around to using them. Long story short, they're really great, but have one weird thing that perplexes me that I'll get to later.

The 3-pack comes with 3 different covers, the same design, but different colors. One mustard yellow, one light blue, one brick red. The design is a pencil that runs around the edges of the book. It begins with the eraser and ends with the point in the top right corner. The back features the CWPE and SSC logos. These are white covers printed with the individual colors. Just like the standard Pocket Staple, they have 2 staples that hold it all together.

Also like the Pocket Staple, they use the 70# Cougar smooth paper, this time in white instead of the cream "natural" paper. 48 pages worth. This paper is great with most writing instruments, even fountain pens. There may be an issue with super broad and super wet things, but for most fountain pen users, these will fit the bill. For the uninitiated, this is the same paper in the Byline and Front Page from Field Notes. So if you've used those and liked the paper in that, you won't be disappointed. The ruling is 5mm, which is a bit small for my tastes, but I write fairly large, so I prefer something in the 7mm+ range. It's probably why I'm not a big fan of graph layouts. Your mileage may vary.


Here's the thing that perplexes me: the inner cover has a little space for testing out pencils. You're gonna have a hard time determining how your pencil is going to react to the paper inside by writing on the cover paper, because they're nowhere near the same in the way they handle graphite. If you like how the pencil looks on the cover, it might not be the same. I understand that this is just a neat little add-on and probably not meant for real pencil testing. I also understand that printing pencil test pages on a few of the inner pages would definitely increase the cost to produce these. But as it stands, the pencil testing page is a bit worthless if you're trying to see what pencil will be best inside the book. That's not to say it's not cool, but the other inner cover has some pencil info about hardness scales and whatnot, and it might've been better to have more information on the other side instead of the pencil testing layout. All in all, it doesn't make the notebook worse, and it's just a very minor nitpick from me.

Story Supply Co. makes really nice notebooks that are friendly to most any writing tool you can throw at them, and the Pencil Pusher edition is no different. It's fun to have 2 companies like CWPE and SSC working together on an edition. I couldn't find anywhere stating that this edition is limited, but they are exclusive to CWPE and SSC, and can be purchased at either place. Both are small businesses you should feel good about supporting.

When you purchase from SSC, you're given a referral code to give 40% off all products. This isn't special to Lead Fast or any other site, anyone can use it and will receive their own codes to share. If you choose to purchase these, you can use my code here. The 40% off also helps bring the price of these down from $12, which is $2 higher than the standard Pocket Staple notebooks.

Available from Story Supply Co. and CW Pencil Enterprise. $12 for a 3-pack.