Link Fast - Clean Out Your Computer Day Edition

February 13th is National Clean Out Your Computer Day!

About Bias & Opinions - The Pencil Case Blog. This is an interesting read and does mirror some of my thoughts concerning this subject. I have yet to receive any review items, but I'd like to think that if I was given that chance I could still be honest. The little world this stationery community inhabits is a very positive one, and only rarely do I see a negative review. I think it has to do with the fact that there are so many things out there to spend your money and time on, why waste it reviewing something crappy, but also because we're only reviewing something that interests us and would probably interest our readers, we can be positive about something that is of good quality but maybe not for our personal tastes. When I review something negatively, I do like to point out the things I don't personally like about it, and those things may be the exact things you DO like about it. And that's ok!


Art in the Dark - A man uses black light pencils to recreate the night sky.

Colored Pencil and Crayon Ban in the EU? - Apparently, their research says kids eat 18 pencils a year! What a crock of shit.

Kokuyo Enpitsu 1.3mm Mechanical Pencil Review - The Pen Addict

History of the Try-Rex - CW Pencils

Conte x Bic Coloring Pencil Review - Comfortable Shoes Studio

Best Pencils for Musicians - CW Pencils blog

Notebooks & Paper

Write Notepads Year in Review - The Weekly Pencil. Though we don't agree on the rankings, TWP has some great points, as always.

Pacific & West Discbound Notebooks - The Gentleman Stationer. These look amazing.

Leuchtturm1917 A5 Notebook Comparison - Goulet Pens Blog. These have been on my list forever and just keep getting pushed back. I think it's time.

Waverley Commonplace Notebook Review - Gary Varner. They don't seem to have my grandfather's clan tartan. I still want one of these.

Leather and Steel Pen Clip - Office Supply Geek. This thing could be what I'm looking for. Shout out to the picture of it holding a Blackwing 56.

Inkless Paper Discovered - The Merkle. Scientists: you keep doing stuff like this...let's just make those cars that run on air, eh?


Game of Thrones Fountain Pens - Winter is Coming. Ideal for people wanting to mix obsessions. Or to introduce your GoT nerd friends to the wonderful world of fountain pens.

Remember Bismi Pens? - The News Minute. I've never even heard of these. Pretty cool little history.

Platinum Preppy Conversion - Pens & Junk. I've been looking to do this to mine. Very cool.


Callifolio Aurora Ink Review - The Pen Addict

Montblanc Lucky Orange Ink Review - Gourmet Pens. Next to dark green, a true orange is probably my favorite color. This ink is going on the to-buy list.