Derwent Long Point Pencil Sharpener Review

Sharpened with Derwent Long Point.

I moved to my current city last summer for work. While checking out the surrounding areas, I found an art supply shop in the next town over. I went digging around there for pencils, and it was the standard fare, mainly drawing pencils with a few General's things mixed in (they have subsequently started carrying Blackwings and Field Notes), but one thing that caught my eye was the Derwent Long Point sharpener. It is the Carl Angel 5 / Classroom Friendly-style, and as I didn't have one of either of those, I went ahead and bought it.

It is easily the biggest sharpener of the group I'm reviewing. Also the heaviest, due to being an all-metal sharpeners, except for the handle on the crank, the handles on the clamp, and the shavings tray. It is a single burr and does one thing: make really long points. There is no adjusting. If you want long, you got it. If not, too bad. And this beast will eat your lacquer for dinner, because the grips on the auto-feed are naked, not covered with anything to protect your pencil. If you don't care about the teeth marks and love needle-sharp long points, this one (or the Classroom Friendly / Carl Angel 5) is for you.

At a certain point, because of the multiple brands that this sharpener sells under, it all comes down to price. The Derwent is one of the more expensive of the CF / CA-5 variants, and where I bought it, it was even more marked up. And at $26 it is also the most expensive sharpener in my lineup this week.


Face extended.


This is just will happen all the way up the pencil every time you sharpen it. On 3 sides.


1. Long, concave needle point.
2. Heavy, sturdy, all-metal construction.
3. Large shavings drawer.


1. Auto-feed clamps dig into the lacquer / wood.
2. Expensive compared to similar sharpeners.
3. Point too long and thin for softer cores (B and softer), prone to breaking upon first touch on the page.

Come by tomorrow for a review of the Carl CP-80 sharpener.
Available on Amazon, $26.