Carl CP-80 Pencil Sharpener Review

My most recent purchase has been the Carl CP-80. Someone on the Erasable Podcast Facebook group mentioned that they were on sale on Amazon at a certain point, and when I went over to check it out, I was looked like it had everything I had been searching for in a long point sharpener. I don't use jumbo pencils that often, and even more rare is the use of colored pencils. I am not a sketcher / drawer. A quick pencil doodle of a logo or layout idea is all I need to do when working. I play with color on the computer. I'm not into the Adult Coloring Book trend. So all I really needed was a sharpener that made a long point, was quiet, and didn't gnaw on pencils like the Derwent. The CP-80 seemed to be the one, and after a few months with it, I can say it is definitely the one for me, though nothing is so perfect as to be above criticism, to paraphrase John Siracusa.

The CP-80 is a small black (or red, or blue) rectangle, a little bit taller than the Dahle 133, but with a smaller footprint. Like all of these sharpeners, it attaches to the edge of the desk with an included bracket. The face sits flush with the front part of the shavings drawer. There are rubber tips on the teeth in the auto-pull mechanism, so no holes in the pencil surface. It sharpens to a concave point similar to the Derwent, but without the last bit of needle, which in my opinion is a good thing. That little needle part always breaks off in the first word or two I write anyway. With the CP-80, I don't have that problem.

The shavings drawer is a little small and a bit oddly shaped. It's square and flush on the outside, and anything but inside. It has a full front and a narrower middle and back, and a channel in the bottom to get around the desk attachment screw...this is all to say that it holds even less than it looks like it would, and they shavings can build up in the little crevices. The bottom feet are a problem as well. They are somewhat tacky black feet glued onto the bottom. They slide around easily and get black stains all over the desk if you're not careful. I just recommend not tightening the desk clamp too tight, and it shouldn't be a problem. Carl has fixed this design flaw in the CP-90, which has a piece of foam on the bottom that covers the whole base...but it is worse in other areas, unfortunately. I plan on reviewing it as well, just not for this series, because I haven't lived with it long enough.



Back. These things all collect dust really bad. And since they create dust, it's even worse.


1. Long concave point, sans-needle.
2. Rubber tipped teeth on the auto-pull mechanism.
3. Simple design, just a flush black rectangle with a crank and a button.
4. Small desk footprint.


1. Shavings drawer a little oddly shaped inside, shavings get trapped in crevices.
2. Feet on the bottom can get gooey and loose, leaving marks on the desk.
3. No point adjustment dial or switch.
4. Only accepts normal sized pencils.

Come by tomorrow for a Recap of this week's Sharpener Series where I pit these four against each other!

Available on Amazon, $13.95.