Baron Fig Infinity Vanguard Notebook Review

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The Baron Fig Infinity is the second in the Vanguard subscription series. Unlike the Askew Confidant subscription edition, this is not a wild departure from the normal Vanguard style, which makes me very happy. For the first 2 editions in the Vanguard subscription, Baron Fig have had a theme that was well executed but did not stray from what makes the Vanguard a wonderfully usable product.

The theme this time around centers on "Infinity" as a concept. Here's the direct wording from the Infinity product page: Like the expanding universe or time itself, your imagination is full of endless possibility. This keeps in line with their brand message about being "Tools for Thinkers" and like the mind, this book is also full of possibilities...72 pages worth, anyway.

The cover concept is a Möbius Strip, which is done 3 ways on the 3 different covers: a triangle, a circle, and a square. The color of the cover is a dark gray with purple tones, the cover designs themselves a purple to pink gradient. These aren't my favorite colors, but it does fit the Baron Fig branding, as their main color is purple, though not this purple (their's has more red in it...could even be a purplish-red). I like the concept and the design of the covers, but one tiny thing: the triangle looks really similar to the logo of tech blog, The Verge, though they have recently started to use that logo less and less on their site in favor of their wordmark. It is, however, the first thing I thought of when I saw it.

All 3 cover designs.

Pink stitching.

Inside covers are a play on the outer design.

The book itself is the Flagship Vanguard size, which is 5.4" x 7.7". It is 72 pages and has Dot Grid for the innards. Pink stitching binds the book together. It has a textured cover, which is a nice touch, showing that these things are to be held and used, not just enjoyed for their looks. The inside front and back cover is another take on the front cover's logo, but on a gradient background, zoomed in a bit to just see parts of Möbius Strip. The paper is the same toothy stuff as in the Black Box, and it loves graphite. Fountain pens are good here too: the Platinum F Nib and the Lamy M Nib I was using for the bulk of my testing did just wonderfully: the ink did not feather or bleed. Unless you drench this with ink, it will be great, though I suspect most ink testers aren't using Baron Fig paper over something like Rhodia.

Infinite possibilities.

Infinite possibilities.

One thing I noticed: This was shipped with a belly band instead of a box, like all the other subscription editions have been. The shipping only comes in a poly envelope, so when the post office decides to say "Fuck it" and throw my package around, you end up with things like bent corners. I was surprised that there was no box, but even if not, Baron Fig should consider shipping these in a box instead of an envelope, or at the very least, a hard cardboard envelope, a la Field Notes.

Overall, if you read my Askew review, you know I felt somewhat misled in thinking I would be getting 4 Confidants a year, instead of whatever that was. The Infinity, on the other hand, is more like it. A great theme, beautiful cover, stitching, color, AND a paper that I was expecting when I signed up for a Vanguard subscription BASED on what the Vanguard was and had always been. I hope the rest of them continue this trend of actually being Vanguard while exploring a different theme or color. This is a gorgeous set of books and is highly recommended to fans of Baron Fig, but is also good for people checking them out for the first time.

All wrapped up.

Available from Baron Fig, $14 for a 3 pack.