I Erase You

I spend a lot of time on this blog promoting other peoples' products. I don't really have anything to sell and I'm not quite interested in doing that anyway...


Cotton Bureau just launched one of my shirt designs and we have 2 weeks to sell 12 to get it into production! Help me out!

 Buy one of each! 

Buy one of each! 

I call the shirt "I Erase You" and it's sort of an Anti-Valentine's Day shirt with a stationery bent. Who wouldn't love to just remove someone or something from their memory? A love long lost? An embarrassing moment? An election? 

There are three options for the shirts: Heather Red, Black, and Maroon (go Salukis!). Men's and Women's cuts. I own a few Cotton Bureau shirts and they are of awesome quality, similar to an American Apparel shirt without all the creepiness. 

Buy the shirt! Thanks!

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