Write Notepads Paper Journal Review

Write Notepads has released an A5-ish sized PUR bound journal as part of their everyday offerings. The cover is 80# French paper cover stock with their standard 70# text paper. This is basically the same as their pocket notebook in a larger size.

At the moment, the only color you can get is gray and the only ruling available is lined, but they've said it will be available in more options soon. In the package you get two 80 page journals. Being PUR bound, just like their pocket notebooks, they will lay flat and will fold back on themselves, but it takes a little tough love and not being timid about breaking the spine. Check out the gallery below for a few pictures.

I didn't do writing tests because this is the same paper as in the pocket notebooks. I will say I've taken notes in these with pencil and fountain pens, and the paper performs exactly the same as their smaller brethren.

Comparing this book to others in it's similar size category, the Write is the tallest at 8½ inches, or 216mm. The Rhodia Side Stapled sits at the true A5 size, which is a bit wider than the Write Paper Journal, by about 8mm. Moleskine is a little smaller, Baron Fig Vanguard a little smaller than that, the Field Notes Arts & Sciences size bringing up the rear at 121mm x 191mm. Surface area-wise, the true A5, Rhodia, wins. The Write Paper Journal is essentially half of the US standard 8½" x 11" letter size, clocking in at 8½" x 5½".

It's hard to really review these as a new product, because it is just a bigger version of the pocket notebook, and those have gotten plenty of coverage previously on this site and others. Just know that if you like the pocket size, you'll like the Paper Journal.

Available from Write Notepads, $15.99 for a 2-pack.