Link Fast - National Nap Day Edition


Sharpeners for Thick Barreled Pencils - Tina Koyama for Well Appointed Desk

The Rolls Royce of Sharpeners - Bleistift

Underground Pencil Club - Interesting. Who knows what this will bring? I signed up.


Curnow Pocket Journal Review - Comfortable Shoes Studio

Waverley Tartan Cloth Notebook - Woodclinched

Best Pencils for Field Notes Utility - Pencil Revolution

The Colour Of Things Notebooks - Under Consideration

Baron Fig Askew Review - All Things Stationery


Sailor Jentle Black Ink Review - Alt Haven

Pilot Vanishing Point Review - A Better Desk

Baron Fig Squire Alphabet Review - Ed Jelley

Guide to Nibs and Nib Holders - Jet Pens

Tombow Mono 100 HB 12 Pack

Deli Adjustable Sharpener

Alvin Brass Bullet

Dahle 155 Sharpener

Uni 2B 12 pack

Anker PowerCore 20100 - I love this thing and couldn't work without it. I've had it for 6 months now and it literally changed my life.

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