Baron Fig Metamorphosis Confidant Review

Box and insert.

First thing is first: Baron Fig...take a breather! Holy crap you are releasing a bunch of stuff! I honestly can't even keep track. I do know that the Metamorphosis is the 3rd in the first year of the Limited Edition subscription. I think we've seen 1 Archer pencil release, 1 Squire pen release, and 2 Vanguard softcover notebook releases, unless they're counting the original Squire and Archer as the first of the series. Subscriptions aren't limited, so you can jump on any time and get in on the action.

Let's get to the new Confidant: the Metamorphosis. The main theme here is a quote from Vincent Van Gogh: "Great things are done by a series of small things brought together." The icon design on the packaging shows a bunch of tiny bubbles rising through a series of cylinders and becoming bigger and bigger until they become one at the top. It's a really cool way to visualize the quote. The inner card has the quote and a similar bubble theme, yet the bubbles are all over the place. I would actually love a print of this. For now, I guess I'll hang the book-sized card above my desk.

The inside covers of the book also expand on this theme in a neat way: the front inside cover has the main illustration from the box, colors reversed. In my mind, it represents the "start" of your ideas, with all the bubbles floating around. In the back inside cover, it has the cylinders stacked and empty, with no bubbles anywhere. The your idea has hopefully gotten so big and come to fruition that it has flown off the page; your bubble is now floating in the real world.


Tiny Bubbles!

Tiny Bubbles!

Bubbles gone.

Dot grid seems to be the only way these pages could go: they're the tiniest of all the bubbles, and by filling them, you are slowly growing and expanding the idea, page by beautiful page.

Speaking of beautiful, the color of the book is amazing. I dunno if this is salmon, peach, or Millennial Pink, but I don't care. Whatever the color is called, I dig it. It is muted, but offset by a very deep and intense blue on the inside covers and ribbon. It's close to the Askew blue, but I feel a little more navy...inching that way, anyway.

If you're reading this blog and you don't know the specs on a Baron Fig Confidant, first of all, welcome, and secondly: Buy one. Here's the specs for the uninitiated:

Love the colors.

192 pages with paper good for fountain pen, other pens, and pencil (especially true HBs...the paper is a bit toothy and treats pencils as a bit softer than their grade.)
5.4" x 7.7"
Lays flat (crack the spine, don't be afraid!)
12 perforated pages in the back.

I'm happy this is a step heading back towards the "normal" Confidant. THIS is what I subscribed for. This is my favorite of their Confidant releases so far, and it just barely gets edged out as the overall favorite by the Vanguard Black Box. If I wasn't somewhat of a sci-fi fan, this would have won all the way. (note to self: buy another Black Box)

Available from Baron Fig, $20, while supplies last.