Baron Fig Bags on Kickstarter

As I'm sure many of you are already aware, Baron Fig launched another Kickstarter, this time to fund a new line of bags: a Tote bag, a Messenger bag, and a Backpack. Like all Baron Fig products, these are minimally designed, with everything that's included having a clear purpose.

The three bags in the Charcoal option.

Since the Kickstarter launched, they have hit the original funding goal, but now it's time to get the stretch. If the project hits $100K, a new color option will be made available for backers only: Slate Blue. It looks awesome and I may very well pick that option if they hit.

They have a good shot: right now it's sitting just south of 70K with 28 days to you stragglers need to get in there and pledge because this thing has already hit...what are you waiting for? I'm waiting for a blue bag. Get on it, if you haven't already. There are still a lot of early bird packages available...even on the Starter Bundles, which feature a Confidant, a Vanguard, and a Limited Edition Squire. It has a lightbulb, people!

You can check out the Kickstarter page for the full details, but I'm going to talk about the Messenger bag, because that's what I picked. I went with the Early Bird Messenger Starter Bundle for $129. That's like getting the bag for $44. It's $80 on Kickstarter and will be $90 after the campaign. I'm going to buy more Confidants and Vanguards eventually, and the Squire is something I've wanted for a while but never really bit on. So with all those totaling $85 at retail, then throw a half price bag into the mix? Done. Sold. Now you do it so I can get the blue.

Pictures provided by and property of Baron Fig. This is NOT a sponsored post. I want that blue bag.