Link Fast - Father's Day Edition

Link Fast is back. I took a small break to figure out a new solution for gathering these links. I was always still interested in sharing these posts from the awesome members of the stationery community, but putting it together became a drag week-after-week, particularly when I would forget to note something for linking at the time I read it, and would have to go back and try to find it and find where I read it in the first place.

I now have a Workflow in place on my phone and it is as easy as reading an article and if I like it, pressing a button, taking a lot of the stupid grunt work out of this important feature of the site. Because this is less tedious, I will definitely be starting up the Link Fast posts on a weekly basis again!


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Pens & Ink

From The Archives: PaperMate Inkjoy 0.7mm 14-Color Set - The Well-Appointed Desk

Review: Lamy Petrol - Alt Haven

Swabbing Inks with Cotton Swabs - The Well-Appointed Desk

Why can’t modern manufacturers recreate vintage flex? - Pen Habit

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Notebooks, Paper, & Other

Review: Shinola Small Notebook Soft Linen Ruled - Comfortable Shoes Studio

The Baron Fig Confidant - Stationery Things

Notebook Review: Ghost Paper Notebooks - The Gentleman Stationer

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In Defense of Doodling. - Vivian Wagner for Pencil Revolution

ICYMI - My posts this week

Franklin-Christoph 1901 Pencil Review