Baron Fig Raspberry Honey Notebook Review

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Disclaimer: Baron Fig provided me with this notebook at no charge for review purposes. However, I also am a paying subscriber to the Confidant Limited Edition series, so I would have been reviewing this anyway.

For what will be the final Baron Fig Confidant of my subscription, the Raspberry Honey is an amazing one to end on. This is not to say it's the end, but because of the subscription situation, it's the last of mine, and I imagine many others who started at the beginning. I'm not sure how many subscription quarters they have left, but regardless, WOW, what an edition.

The Askew was odd inside, but the packaging and the cover was somewhat normal. The Raspberry Honey is the reverse of that. It's normal dot grid pages inside, and everything else about it is odd. And it's a pleasure. Let's start with the packaging. The whole thing comes in a white box with the illustrations from the booklet inside (which I will get to later). The style is fantastical, weird, and a bit enchanting. The Raspberry Honey font is a fat little hand-drawn brush script, and a perfect choice. All in their Fig Wine color.

The booklet contains a story, written and illustrated by Geoff Gouveia, who, in addition to having every vowel in his last name, is an amazing artist who's done some work for Facebook and Gary Vaynerchuck's Vaynermedia. Without spoiling it TOO much, the story is about Yuri, who loves to experiment with honey flavor ideas from his job at a honey factory, and strikes out on his own when the bosses aren't super receptive to the idea. The gist? A favorite quote: "How will we know if we don't try?" Baron Fig's marketing tag line is "Raspberry Honey assures that commitment, perseverance, and friendship are the winning ingredients for any worthy goal."

The box.

Take cover! It's a swarm!

The story.

The book itself is a lovely shade of red, called Berry Burgundy by the folks at Studio Fig, and the description couldn't be more correct. It's delicious. And the whole thing is debossed with a ton of bees! 95 on the front, to be exact...which is a tiny miss, in my opinion, because part of the story relies on 78 bees. Should've been 78! The same debossing is on the back, just in reverse. The inside covers are covered with the illustrations from the booklet and the box, in the Fig Wine color as well. The bookmark is a light, faded pink.

All the standard Confidant features are here: it lays flat, it's A5-ish (shorter and just a wee bit wider). It's got the perforated pages in the back. The paper is always a consistent upside of this line. The paper is so good. A little toothy, perhaps, but HB pencils and most writing width fountain pens perform quite well on it. And of course the Archer pencils, which are essentially tuned to this paper.

Overall, it's a great looking book, and if you're already sold on the standard Confidant, but want a splash of color, this book is for you. It's about $2 more than the standard Confidant, but still worth the money. I'm a fan of the Confidant in general, and this edition is no exception.

Available from Baron Fig, $20.

I'm giving away a copy to one lucky reader. Look below the gallery for details! (EDIT: Giveaway has now closed. Congrats to Alyssa for winning! Thanks for your support Alyssa!)