Scout Books Pocket Notebook Review

These books were sent to me by Scout Books for review purposes.

10-pack in slipcase.

Scout Books of Portland, Oregon are mainly known for their custom books and their killer Instagram account. They make some of the coolest looking, well-designed pocket notebooks out there, in collaboration with different artists and companies. They also do pocket-sized info books, like the Pocket Constitution or the We The People Are Powerful government info book. All of their designs are based on their 3.5" x 5" notebooks made with chipboard covers and recycled paper. Little did I know, they sell their blank books for anyone to buy, too.

The blank notebooks come in 3 different chipboard colors: kraft brown, charcoal grey, and black. They also print some solid colors on the Kraft books, so you have options there. You can get any of those colors in Blank, Lined, or Dot Grid rulings. (EDIT: there seems to be a bit of confusion when shopping on the site. All of the books say BLANK when scrolling through the item list, that's because they mean the covers are blank. You choose your cover, then you pick the paper once you click into the product you want. All of these I reviewed are available in Blank paper, dot grid, or lined.) The application of the ruling is very light gray and stays in the background. The lined ruling has a small header on the top of the page, with the header line a bit darker. Same way with the dot grid. The blank, of course, is just blank. The books are 32 pages. They are pretty durable in the pocket and with their size a half inch shorter than what has pretty much become the standard US size pocket notebook, they are extremely pocketable. It's actually something I expected to dislike, but actually liked very much. I found myself carrying it in my front shirt pocket more often than not, because it fit perfectly.

The paper stock is great: it has a bit of a tooth, which I personally love for pencil, yet it doesn't hold dark cores so much that it's a pain to erase. It's also really good for fountain pens, with no feathering or bleed-through with standard writing-width nibs.

Hairy paper.

Cool little easter egg on the back page.

Stapled and folded.

I said above that there are only 32 pages. I wish there were more. I finished my first book in a day, start-to-finish. I was writing, inspired, and filled every line. The thickness of the paper may not allow for more pages, but depending on how you buy it, the book may not be worth the money. It's already smaller than standard, and there are 16 less pages than a Field Notes or something comparable. Singles are $4.95, which is a lot, but they go down from there: 3 packs are $9.95 (or $3.32 per book) and the 10 pack, with a slipcase box is $24.95 ($2.50 per book). At 32 pages and the smaller size, I'm definitely going for the 10-pack every time. The 10-pack slipcase is really great, too, and a perfect way to store finished books on a shelf or packed away.

Overall, these are pretty good little pocket notebooks. They hold up well in the pocket, the paper is great, and the price is right if you're buying in bulk. If you're prolific and go through a lot of notebooks, I definitely recommend the 10 pack. And while you're over at their website, check out all the cool limited designs they have...I've got my eye on a couple. They're always coming up with new designs: they've added colored 10 packs (printed on Kraft brown) since I started writing this review!

Available from Scout Books. $9.95 for 3 pack, $24.95 for a box of 10 with slipcase.

Want some of these on me? Scout was gracious enough to send a nearly SABLE (Stash Amount Beyond Life Expectancy) amount of books. I'm doing a simple giveaway. Leave a comment below (make sure you enter your email address in the box so I can contact you!) and tell me how you would use these books. I'm going to make up some mixed three packs and give them away to 5 lucky commenters! (EDIT: Giveaway has now closed. The winners have been contacted. Thanks for your support!)