DOMS X-1 Pencil Review


The DOMS X-1 pencil is the one that initially led me down the DOMS path. My first experience was one I got in a swap box, and before I even saw which brand it was or that it was made in India, I was drawn to the color. The pencil was beautiful! I was super happy to find out later that it was also an amazing pencil, well-made and smooth writing.

My initial research into the DOMS company can be found on my DOMS Groove Slim Triangle review. Long story short, they're an Indian pencil company owned by FILA, the Italian conglomerate who also owns Dixon, Prang, Lyra, and a whole host of other stationery brands. While they have spread a lot of those companies' ideas all over each of the lines, it seems that they could use a little Indian style in the global mix.

This pencil looks amazing. The blue, silver, and white go beautifully together. The paint is meticulously applied and one can tell no expense was spared on the silver imprint. It is long, full of font changes, logos, and marketing speak. Yet it doesn't feel over-done. The one weird thing is the name plate. It's on the opposite side as the imprint and is printed in white. I never understood why those are on some can't actually write your name on them and whatever ink gets on there just wipes off. 

How do you actually write your name on these?

I wish this pencil actually made me smarter.


They showed up in a glossy box that also held a sharpener, eraser, and a pencil cap. All themed to match the X-1. The 2 sides of the hex are blue (the "top & bottom") and the other 4 are silver, separated by a thin blue line on the hex edge. Up near the end dip there is a fat white stripe, capped off by the same blue that's on the hex sides. Lack of eraser allows this pencil to be light and balanced.

The wood is basswood / linden and is straight on all 10 pencils in the box. Cores were all perfectly centered and sharpened up like a dream. The core is listed as "Extra Super Dark Writing" on the DOMS website, but also as HB2. It writes like a smooth B, almost a standard for Indian pencils, really.

Overall, this is a killer pencil. The price is right, the extras are really good, and the quality of the lacquer is only matched by the quality of the core. It's no wonder DOMS earned Best Stationery Brand in India in 2016.

Available on Amazon. $6.89 for 10, with eraser, sharpener, and point protector included.