Shahson's Goldfish Sprinter Pencil Review

Shahson's Goldfish Sprinter

In my previous Shahson's review, I took on the 3 pencils in the Goldfish series that I could get my hands on from CW Pencils: the Autocrat, the Blue Bird, and the Vista. Today I'm going to tackle another pencil in the series: the Sprinter.

As with the other Goldfish series pencils, the Sprinter is graded 2½, but also HB. They definitely write like a hard HB, if not a soft 2½, which would be an F in US terms. The core, in fact, is essentially identical to the three previous discussed. On the back of the box it says "Erasable Ceramic Graphite Ultra corpuscular reinforced break resistant lead." I dunno what that means, but it sounds good.

The Goldfish series could be looked at like the Baron Fig Archer series: the same pencil, different clothes. The wood is light in color, most likely basswood. It says "1.2 radius corners for Finger Friendly Grip" on the back of the box. The core writes a little gray, especially on smoother paper. Even with my heavy hand, I struggle to get a line as dark as I prefer when I write with a pencil. The Sprinter is eraserless, so it's balanced and light. The imprint is silver here, and left handed, like all the Shahson's I've seen are.

What is different is the lacquer colors. The Sprinter comes with 3 colors in the box: Blue with a white stripe and red-orange end dip. Gray with the same stripe and end dip, then Purple with the same end dip, but a pink stripe. These are good looking colorways and I'm glad they put 4 of each in the box of 12.

All three colors.

Back o' the box.


The Sprinter is the perfect pencil for anyone who values point retention. This thing holds up well, even on toothy paper. When I'm writing in something as textured as the Baron Fig paper, if I didn't have an Archer, I'd use a Sprinter(it's also about 1/3 of the price). I'd like it better if the line were just a smidge more towards the black side, though. In something smooth, like Field Notes standard Finch paper, I personally avoid using this pencil. The paper just won't grab enough of the graphite for my tastes.

Any of the Shahson's Goldfish line will satisfy your needs for a pencil on the harder side of HB, and when choosing, it really comes down to what color you'd like. Having 3 choices in one box makes it easy for me: I'd pick the Sprinter over the other 3 in the line due to color choice alone. People use the phrase "All things being equal" and here, they most certainly are when comparing pencils within the Goldfish line.

Available from The Thackery. $4.29 for a box of 12.