Happy Birthday to Me!

Today marks the one year anniversary of a little pencil blog called Lead Fast. A lot has happened to me personally in the past year, but this project of mine has been so fun, I wouldn't change it for a minute.

I'm not going to do a rundown or State of the Union post here, just know that the blog is growing, I want to keep growing, and if you're reading this, you're one of the reasons why this is a great part of my life.

Yay stickers!

Yay stickers!

To commemorate this first birthday, I'm launching some stickers for sale! There are two stickers which are available individually, and one sticker that is only available in the three sticker pack. I'm selling these stickers because, as you can imagine, I need your help. This site costs money to run, and while I'm happy to continue paying out of pocket, anything I can do to offset the cost of hosting the site, running the site, and buying items to review, it helps. 

About the stickers: the individual stickers are $2, the 3 sticker mixed-pack is $5. Shipping (per order, not item) inside the USA is $1, for International it's $1.50.

The Lead Fast logo sticker and Lead Fast Pencil Club stickers are my own original designs. I made the URL Pencil sticker using a modified pencil from the Woodclinched Pencil Vector Pack (designed by Tony Headrick). The Pencil Club sticker is only available in the 3-pack and only a one-time run!

So, if you would find it in your heart to buy me a coffee or a beer if we ran into each other on the street, please think about grabbing a sticker or two. Money or no, I couldn't do this site without the participation of the community. Thank you! Here's to another year.

Snag some stickers and help out Lead Fast!