The Curios Box

Thanks to The Curios for sending me this box for review!

Sampler box.

Buying Indian pencils online in the USA has always been a bit of a shot in the dark. You often don't know if you're getting the right thing, or how they're going to be packaged, or if they've described them properly on Amazon or eBay. I've had a lot of luck, but I've also had an issue or two. Dealing with sellers on Amazon or eBay is just a necessary evil if you want a selection of Indian pencils beyond what CW carries.

Enter the Curios.

Suraj Singh, a member of the Erasable Facebook group, has started selling Indian pencils through the Curios moniker. At the moment, there is no online storefront, but if you contact the Curios via their Facebook page or Instagram, he will gladly email you a price list, then when you order, you can pay through PayPal. The catalog is huge, around 60 different pencils from 10 different brands, including all the Indian brands I've reviewed here and more.

Shipping is based on what you order and where you live, but he sent me the prices in US dollars, and even with shipping added, these pencils are a steal. The pencils where packed better than anything I've gotten from India, and that's saying a lot, considering every package I've gotten from there is usually wrapped in styrofoam like a brick of something that customs might be verrrrry interested in.

You can also get a sampler box that has everything the Curios carries, either 1 or 2 pencils of each. That's what I went with. The plan, of course, is to test things out and get boxes of the ones I'd like to do full reviews on. I thought I had done a lot of Indian pencils, but getting this sampler box showed me that I've just scratched the surface. There's brands I haven't done, like Camlin, and more pencils from brands like DOMS that I'm itching to get my hands on.

I'm super glad to have this new resource, and to support someone who is an active member of this community, rather than a faceless Amazon seller of random imported products.

Below is a few pictures of some of the different pencils that come in the sampler set. Also, check out Andy's post on his Curios sampler box.

Available from The Curios. Prices vary, contact them for a price list.