TBT: Field Notes Ambition

Perfect colors for fall.

Perfect colors for fall.

Looking back on the Ambition edition, I'm thinking there are a lot of loose singles out there. I know people love the planner and have bought packs just to get at that layout. And they'll use the others as daily carry books eventually, but the planner seems to be what buyers are looking for when Ambition editions are being requested in some of the online groups like Field Nuts.

Ambition comes in 3 different cover colors with 3 different layouts within: Olive Green Ledger, Burgundy Wine Graph, and the aforementioned Planner in Chocolate Brown. The layout of each book is printed in the standard "Double Knee Duck Canvas" ink that is in the Kraft books. It goes well with the gold gilded edges that are the most noticeable design element of the books.

According to the product listing, gilding the pages was the hardest and most interesting part of the printing process, and they show a little bit of it in the film. They had to gild the edges on 3 sides, then round the corners and gild those as well.

Golden corners.

Each of the 100# French Paper "Speckletone" covers are embossed with gold for the lettering and logo type. The cover colors are dark and muted, and this gold works perfectly on them. The inside covers are printed with this gold as well.  The paper inside is Cougar Opaque "Natural White" 50# text. You may remember the Byline using a heavier version of this paper, the 70#. It's got a nice touch of cream, just enough to soften the paper in harsh light. I'm a fan of this color of paper. At 50#, it's still not the best for fountain pens, not as good as the 70# in the Byline was, anyway. Fine nibs do ok, especially with inks that aren't super wet.

I'm not sure about carrying multiple pocket notebooks. I haven't gotten on the multi-book-holder-cover train yet. So for me, the planner will act more as a larger Standard Memorandum I keep at my desk, while I'll probably use the other 2 books like I would any pocket notebook. They seem to be going for about $35-$40 sealed on eBay at the moment, unsealed for about $10 less.

Unavailable, original listing over at Field Notes.