Baron Fig Mastermind Week Pad Review

This product was provided to me from Baron Fig, at no charge, for review purposes.

Baron Fig's ever-expanding lineup gets another entry with the Mastermind Week Pad, a play on the Mastermind Desk Pad they released not long ago. The Week Pad is an example of iteration and watching how users are using the product. The Desk Pad was nice, but if used under a keyboard for it's intended purpose, very little could be used. And certainly people used them on their desks for to-do lists and to plan out the week. So they took the look of the Planner mixed it with a Mastermind Desk Pad, and out popped the Week Pad.

If you're less of a Planner person and more of a daily to-do list person, this Baron Fig Mastermind Week Pad may just be the thing for you. It's long and short, 11 inches by 3 inches, and, maybe not coincidentally, the same length as the Apple Magic Keyboard. It uses the same paper as the Desk Pad (which is the same paper as the Vanguard) but you'll find no dot grid here, just a weekly layout. Monday through Thursday gets a full section, with Friday the same width, but cut off at the bottom to accommodate the weekend. While it's small enough to do it, this isn't meant to be on-the-go with you, but to live at the desk. Most people work Monday - Friday, and most people keep their Fridays light, so the layout is somewhat correct when it comes to lists being entered.

Unlike the Desk Pad, the Week Pad can only be used in one orientation if you plan on using the layout. You can flip it over and use the blank side any way you want. I tried to live with mine in a few places, but the best seemed to be right below the keyboard. I was worried that pencil would smear and smudge with my wrists resting on it while typing, but it wasn't as bad as I feared. A little smudging happened, but not enough transfer to turn my wrists black with graphite, not to mention that this isn't meant to be archival, it gets torn off at the end of the week.

There are 3 packs with 18 sheets each, setting you up with 54 weeks worth of pages. The headers along the top give you a spot where you can write in the date if you choose, or even scratch out and change the day, if your work week is a little unconventional. The paper takes most writing instruments like a champ, including fountain pens. Bleed through was non-existent in my tests, and even showing through the other side was minimal enough to be able to use the back side as scratch paper after you're finished with the week, which is what I plan to do. I'll tear it off and use it in a portrait orientation for scratch notes and figuring. With this use case, I'm not certain I'll use the Desk Pad or even the Nomad sticky notes anymore.

Overall, this is a nice edition to the desk lineup Baron Fig have come out with this year. It will be interesting to see what comes down the pipeline next as far as desktop items and what problems they'll tackle next.

Available from Baron Fig, $9.