Weskin by Bookblock Notebook Review

I was given this item for free by Bookblock for review.

Bookblock is another company that is in the business of making customized stationery products for businesses that has come out with some stock products for sale. The Weskin is one their newest products available. On the belly band, it says "modern design | classic finish" and I'm wondering a bit which is which. Let's dig in.

The Weskin is an A5 sized, cloth-bound softcover notebook. It's got 192 pages which are ruled with blue-grey lines. The paper is 90gsm and off-white / ivory. There are 2 ribbon bookmarks the same color as the cover color. Yellow, navy blue, and gray are the options. I got the yellow one as my review unit.

The cover of the book isn't a pure softcover, but it's not hard either. Somewhere in between. It can be rolled up if you wanted to, but you could also hold it and feel that the cover provided enough heft to allow you to write with it in your hands. The fabric seems nice, the yellow very bright. It didn't stain too bad in my bag, rolling around with eraser gunk, pencil dust, and who knows what else in my daily carry bag. The back is gold-foil stamped with the Bookblock logo near the bottom of the cover. The inner cover has a design of thin lines with a bunch of triangles and other shapes, and I suppose this is the only "modern design" aspect I see in the book.

The edges of the paper are gilded in gold, bible-style. It makes a nice crack when first opening the book. I suppose that's what they mean by "classic finish". It doesn't necessarily do anything for me personally, especially with the colorways that are available. It looks best with the Navy, in my opinion. It just seems to me that earth tones and leather covers best benefit from gold-gilded pages. The corners of the pages, and the cover, are not rounded in any way. The binding is awesome and lays flat with ease.

Gilded edges.

Lay Flat binding.

The lines.

The paper is fabulous with pencil. Amazing, really. It's smooth, but not overly so, and it takes graphite well, making the pencil look true-to-grade while being kind to your point. I found smudging to be minimal, something a toothier page would not be able to do. It's great for all kinds of pen except for fountain pens. Unfortunately, unless you're using a dry EF or F, you'll get some bleed. I also had feathering on a few wet M nibs. I even had a tiny bit of feathering on the Lamy Safari Rollerball, which is generally fine in absorbent paper, but not on this. The paper reminds me of the Paper-Oh book I reviewed a while back, maybe not as bad with fountain pens, but still not the best. The line ruling also doesn't go to the edge of the page, which, as a personal preference, annoys the heck out of me. It seems old-timey in the worst way. I understand this is to show how well the book is made, I just don't like it.

Overall, this is a very well-made book. It is quality. I just have a few things I would like to see to make it something I'd like to buy, mainly a bit better paper. The book will be available soon for purchase. You can pre-order from Amazon, $19.95.