Baron Fig Lock Notebook Review

Baron Fig provided this for review purposes.


I don't know where exactly I said it, but I know I've said it...I've been jonesing for a dark green Confidant for a long time. And now, it is HERE. I can't tell you how happy I am, but if I ever run into any of the people from Baron Fig, I hope they expect a big high five from me. Ridiculously awesome color aside, the Lock Confidant is a very nice addition to the LE Confidant line. It's been released with a companion Squire, called the Key, which I will be writing about in a separate post tomorrow.

Starting with the box, it's also dark green with a gold foil print of the maze and the mono-line keyhole graphic. On the outside of the bottom section of the box are pieces of the cipher, which we'll get to in a minute. The insert is a three panel fold out of a maze printed in gold foil that shines brightly enough to make it a pain to photograph! A poem inside has more pieces of the cipher, and it all folds out into a maze that spans all three panels. It's a nice standard maze that's not necessarily easy, but it's not too hard either. Along the sides of the maze are more portions of the cipher.

The book itself is the dark forest green with a debossed version of the keyhole and maze graphic. I'm super happy they didn't fill it with gold foil, as I fear it would've been a bit much. The inner cover pages, front and back, are white, and again stamped with a gold foil maze and some bits of the cipher. The paper is the standard Confidant paper and dot grid, so you know you're getting decent paper for most writing utensils. The bookmark ribbon is a light yellow, what would be considered a matte gold color. Nowhere near as bright as the yellow gold ribbon in a standard Confidant. Like all Confidant ribbons, it's just a touch too short for my taste.

So what about the cipher? Well, as I said above, the Squire is called the Key, and some, but not all, of the symbols are translated on the tube. It's up to you to decode the whole thing and figure it out. It's not too hard, though there is one symbol that is used and doesn't have a match in the alphabet. 27 different symbols and 26 letters, so I'm not sure what it's supposed to be or if there is a mistake, but whatever it is, the word doesn't make sense unless there's an error or I'm completely missing something.

I'm afraid I can't be unbiased when telling you this book is awesome. I'm enamored by the color first and foremost, not to mention the Confidant is one of my favorite A5-ish hardcover notebooks. This really is the Confidant I've been waiting for. I implore you not to buy one at all, if only so they could all be mine.

Available from Baron Fig, $20.