2018 Wish List

Oddly enough, I got a few things from my 2017 Wish List that I'll quickly recap here. Palomino didn't release a FULL TIME natural pencil with the extra firm core, but they did release one as a subscriber extra. They also brought back the Palomino HB! Field Notes did in fact release a larger edition available full time in the Pitch Black Note Book. All things I asked for in last year's wish list.


I still want the Extra Firm core full-time. I pray that it comes in a natural finish, but it not, I'll take what I can get. Given the fervor over the Cal Cedar 100 year pencil, as I said in my Blackwing Recap, they'd be stupid not to do this. Charles Berolzheimer also mentioned on his interview with the Erasable Podcast that they would probably be expanding the Forest Choice line, and I think that is a great idea. When it comes to the Blackwing Volumes series, I'd like to see some more fun stuff, design wise. This year, although they experimented a bit with each released, seemed a little drab, especially the last 2 releases.

Field Notes

It'd be nice if they picked a better house paper for the standard releases. The paper in the Front Page would be a good one. They need something better than the 60# Finch Bright White. I just shudder to think how many people don't use their books because of such a fixable problem like bleed through. I don't really like the current paper for pencil either...HB pencil is usually too light on it for my tastes, as the paper is a bit too smooth.

I still wanna see a full-time pocket planner available. They obviously made one with the Resolution edition, but it's time to shrink that standard planner they sell down to pocket size. The Resolution is ugly.

Write Notepads

I think it would be neat to see their quality and attention to detail in 2 areas they haven't yet played in: stitched or sewn binding on a pocket notebook and a fully bound hardcover A5 size. These are two things I want their paper in most. As much as I love their pocket notebooks, I would love them even more if the binding were different. In my mind, they'd be the gold standard that way.

Baron Fig

Now that they have a full system, the thing I would like most from them is to SLOW DOWN. I swear it felt like it was a release per week there for a bit. Other than that, I wouldn't mind seeing some of the Limited Editions being in lines that don't usually get them, namely pocket notebooks. And the big-size Confidant. I mentioned in my Baron Fig recap that I thought a new market was about to be entered by them...we'll see if I'm right or if it even happens this year.

For Lead Fast, I'm just going to keep doing what I've been doing, reviewing pencils and slowly expanding my other stationery horizons. I experimented a lot with fountain pens last year, but I still don't feel like I know enough to add them to the review repertoire. YouTube will continue to be a place where I can discuss stationery, but don't count on me editing professional videos or showing my ugly mug just yet. I do have one thing in the planning stages, nearing the launch stage, so I'll be sure to alert you when that happens.