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I didn't catch any pencil reviews or articles of note this week...what a sad, sad week... If you saw something that I missed, please leave it in the comments below!

Pens & Ink

Ink Review: Graf von Faber-Castell Cobalt Blue and Electric Pink - Gentleman Stationer

Review: Baron Fig Squire Experiment Rollerball Pen - Gourmet Pens

Karas Pen Co Decograph Fountain Pen - Clicky Post

Review: Parker Jotter - Comfortable Shoes Studio

Franklin-Christoph S.I.G. Flex Nib Review - Pen Addict

Pen Review: Inventery Mechanical Pen - Gentleman Stationer

Notebooks, Paper, & Other

Out of Anxiety and Into the Analog - Harry Marks

Review: Baron Fig Nomad - Alt Haven

Field Notes: Uncut Press Sheet of America the Beautiful - Three Staples

Franklin Christoph Pocket Notebook and Cover Review - Pen Addict

Mr. Lentz Leather Notebook/Passport Covers - A Review - Clicky Post

Review: Jane Davenport Travel Watercolor Tin- Brights - Comfortable Shoes Studio

A review of the Leuchtturm1917 bullet journal A5 notebook - Write Experience

ICYMI: My Posts This Week

Apsara Gold & Regal Gold Pencil Review

In Pictures: My Paper Brains Pocket Notebooks

Throwback Thursday: Field Notes Ambition

Moon Futura Pencil Review

Link Fast - 3 Day Weekend Edition

A big shout-out to all those who have bought stickers and supported the blog! I'm a little over halfway through the one-time only stickers, so if you're thinking about getting some, now's the time!


Pencil Sample Books - Contrapuntalism

Sivo Glitter - The Weekly Pencil

Caran d’Ache Pencil Peeler - Pencil Talk

Eberhard Faber: Red & Blue. And Red. And Blue. - Contrapuntalism

Pens & Ink

Review: Papermate Inkjoy Gel Pen - Comfortable Shoes Studio

Pen Review: Morning Glory Mach 3 Liquid Ink Rollerball - Gentleman Stationer

How a Japanese Pen Maker Anticipated the Writing-Tool Renaissance - Bloomberg

Fisher Space Pen Backpacker Pen Review - Pen Addict

Pen Review: Tombow Zoom L104 Multifunction Pen - Gentleman Stationer

Ystudio Brass Rollerball Pen: Review - Clicky Post

Five Pens to Try – August 2017 Update - Pens & Junk

Notebooks, Paper, & Other

Review: Baron Fig Confidant - Pocket - Alt Haven

Review: Lodestone Letterpress Pocket Notebooks - Comfortable Shoes Studio

ICYMI: My Posts This Week

Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover A5 Notebook Review

Palomino Forest Choice Pencil Review

In Pictures: Col-o-Ring Ink Testing Book

TBT: Field Notes Drink Local

Carl Angel 5 Video Review

Link Fast - National Radio Day Edition

A quick note before we get to the links...

The Lead Fast stickers have been selling far better than I could have possibly imagined! Thanks to all who have purchased stickers so're helping support the site and I really appreciate it!

For this of you who have yet to snag some stickers: I'm about halfway through the Limited "Pencil Club" stickers that are part of the 3-pack, so make sure you get your orders in soon if you want some!

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