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Out: Field Notes Campfire Night
In: Field Notes Expedition Frankenbook

I hacked the Expedition because, while I love the cover, the paper is completely useless to me. So I put Finch Opaque Smooth Bright White 60# from a regular Kraft book. Lined, of course. I was happy how the Campfire held up, especially with the cover being somewhat glossy. Those usually don't fare well in my back pocket.

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Out: Nixon 2016 Graph
In: Campfire "Night"

Oh, these Campfire books look great upon first glance. Full review coming very soon, filming a video tonight and writing the post, hoping to go live this weekend.

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Out: Utility

In: Nixon 2016 Graph


Haven't used graph paper in a while, been using lined and dot grid almost exclusively these past few months. Figured I should get graph and get a summer look going!

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Out with the Workshop Companion Electrical

In with the Black Ice

I'm glad to have more Workshop Companion boxes laying around now that they're sold out.This has become one of my favorite books and one I'll go back to time and time again. Now to use the Black Ice as my daily driver!