The 'In The Pines' Pencils are Here

The Write Notepads pencils have arrived. Subscribers should have theirs already, if not they are definitely en route. And they announced on Twitter that the pencils will be for sale on their site sometime soon.


These don't really warrant a full review, but a few thoughts about them:


1. I love the color of the lacquer, dark green is my jam.

2. These are Musgrave pencils, but a little bit of a softer hex than a usual Musgrave job.

3. The core is similar to my favorite Write pencil, the maroon one.

4. White eraser, silver stamping, silver ferrule.

5. Left-handed imprint, per usual.

All The Dark Greens!

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that has seen my site that I'm in love with dark green. Hunter green, pine green, basil green, moss, pickle...whatever you want to call it, I love it. The color had its day in the 90's and now is kind of looked down on as an older, almost retro look. It's become harder and harder to find cool dark green things, but fortunately for me, it's starting to get a little more dark green in the stationery world.

Books from left to right:
Field Notes Shenandoah "Chestnut Oak"
LL Bean 2016 Green Book
Carhartt 2016 Camping
Write Notepads "In the Pines"
Also pictured: Platinum Plaisir dark green, Write "In the Pines" pencil, Private Reserve "Avocado" fountain pen ink.

All the dark greens! The Carhartt is actually more dark green, but the way the books are stacked, you can only see the light green part.

Write Notepads "In The Pines" Review

The newest Write Notepads membership edition, "In The Pines", has been released. Here's a link to their teaser video. This was supposed to be their last release of 2016; apparently they were delayed due to a manufacturing delay with their pencil maker, but they went ahead shipped without them in the second week of January, so hopefully that means 5 shipments in 2017! According to their Twitter account, the pencils will be shipped separately.

My unboxing and mini-review.

Box & Cover

Front of the box.

Back of the box.

Notebook cover.

In standard Write Notepads fashion, this is a thing of beauty. The box is white with a silver foil print, with the name of the edition and a nice big pine tree stamped in the middle. On the back, it lists the edition number (Series 1, Volume 4) and how many units made (750 3-packs), along with the specs (3 64-page pocket notebooks with Dot-Grid paper). The cover of the book is a gorgeous dark green with the same foil stamped tree, with the title "In The Pines" underneath it. I'm a sucker for dark green. My first car was a dark green Mustang (a shitty one, not a cool one), my favorite Field Notes are Shenandoah (only partly because of the cover colors), and my EDC bag is dark green. And obviously this website's logo.

Dot grid. In this photo, it looks gray, as it did to my eye while taking this picture. But in the sunlight today through the window, the dots look green.

Binding & Paper

The binding is their normal Perfect bound book with their very friendly-to-most writing instruments paper. The paper is dot grid this time, with a 1/4 inch spacing. The dot grid is either gray or green: I can't tell because in some light, it looks green and in others, it looks gray. There are no ink or paper specs like in a Field Notes book, so I'm left to my own eyes here. The paper seems to be their 70# paper that they use for all their pocket notebooks.

I didn't do a pencil & pen test on this book. If you've used a Write book before, you know how friendly their paper is to both pencil and pen, even fountain pens.

Subscriber extras

The extra that comes with this beautiful package is a sticker that looks like a pine tree-shaped air freshener. The sticker feels like it's high-quality, but I don't want to waste it on trying it out, so until I find the perfect spot for it, it is going to stay on the paper. Isn't that always the struggle, trying to find the perfect place for the ONE sticker that you know you won't get again? The pencils, like I mention above, are forthcoming, and if it's like it has been in the past, these will be a Musgrave custom job. The Write pencils have always been really cool, and one of my favorites is their maroon pencil that is available on their site currently, so if it's anything like the past, I know I'll love it.


Cab driver air freshener...sticker.

This is another homerun for Write Notepads. I have to say, I think they're eating Field Notes' lunch right now. This series, for me, is 4-for-4 right now. The fact that the memberships cost what they do ($99) and for what you get, it's a no-brainer. They don't usually open up memberships until a new book is released, so if you haven't done it already, they should be opening up again real soon and you should sign up.

Available now for $10 from Write Notepads & Co.