Revisiting the Staedtler Noris

Revisiting the Staedtler Noris

Like the Dixon Ticonderoga in the US, the Staedtler Noris is ubiquitous, an icon of pencil design and available throughout most of the world. The most popular is the yellow and black striped HB with a red end dip, but the Noris line is available in a few different shapes, sizes, and barrel colors. There's even a Samsung digital stylus made to look like a Noris. I haven't used them all, but I have a few and thought I'd revisit them.

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In Pictures: Erasers

TBT: Fun Staedtler Mars Stuff

Admittedly, German pencil brands like Staedtler and Faber-Castell are not my forte. However, I did stumble across a few cool and fun Vintage Staedtler Mars images from around the web that I thought were worth sharing. They inspired me to try the pencils again. I got this set of 12 on Amazon.

My brain often needs a friend.

Love this calendar!

Can't tell if this is a postcard or what it is....

This is basically the best thing ever.

Logo from 1973. This is my favorite of all the different designs they've had over the years.

It's amazing how brands evolve.